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The Common Table’s mission is to build a creative community that cultivates positive and encouraging relationships & fosters a venue for honesty and vulnerability.  We believe there is greater fruit when relationships are grown through honest and encouraging relationships. We aim to leave strife and comparison at the doors and instead cheer on one another to excel in the creative talents we all have, and we begin all of this by spending time around the table. 

Past speakers have included Mike Larson and Ellen Bennett from Hedley & Bennett, and hosted at Historic Seven Sycamores. 

Still curious? 

Please take a moment to catch a glimpse of our Fall 2014 gathering which was captured by Taylor Armerding: 

The table is a place where our hunger brings us there. The table reminds us that WE’RE HUMAN and that’s A GOOD THING. We’ve been given a sense of hunger & this hunger is like an internal timer that sends us back to this meeting place, to this place where we can connect to be NOURISHED by the food and the conversations we have there.
— Shauna Niequist

Fall Gathering date  & speaker will be released soon!